Clothes Shopping, house quandry

I will admit I like to shop for new clothes. Even when I don’t need anything, I just like to shop. It makes me happy to have new things. I don’t have a shopping addiction or anything. We’re talking a few things from Wal Mart or a ladies clothing store. But, now that I am on my own, and trying to get my finances in order, I feel guilty whenever I buy something.

I’ve been thinking of a solution and I think I will take $50 per month and put it in an envelope in my purse. That way I will limit what I am spending, but if I really want something I will have the cash.

Also, I have to either quit getting my groceries at Wal Mart or quit making a detour through the clothes department every time I get groceries. I always think “I’ll just see what’s new”, and before you know it I have picked out something. Silly, really, because I have tons of clothes. And what I really need is to get out of debt and get on with saving for retirement.

Still waffling on what to do about the house. Everything I need is here: Garage, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, air conditioning, basement, main floor laundry. If it wasn’t for the stupid heloc I wouldn’t feel pressure to downsize. And while we are talking about being stupid, I was stupid to let the heloc get so out of control. Too many years of living beyond our means is what it boils down to. If I ever get into a serious relationship with a man again, which I seriously doubt, I am going to make fiscal responsibility more of a priority.

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